Favorite/ Most Used Apps

Everywhere you go you see someone on their phone. Kids have started getting phones at a younger and younger age. There is a lot of apps on the media now that anyone can use.

Here’s a list of my most used apps:

  • Snapchat to talk to my friends and I believe you have to be 13 years old to use snap.
  • Twitter to be updated on what happens and to look at memes my friend send me and I send her memes or funny stuff back. You also have to be 13 years old to use Twitter.
  • Google Chrome/Google classroom for school because we are always on computers and this is how I do my assignments. There’s not really an age limit for this as long as you can type you can use google chrome.
  • Netflix/Hulu to watch movies or shows when I get bored. There’s not a certain age you can use this because they have a variety of movies and shows for kids and adults.
  • Infinite Campus to check up my grades and make sure I have all my assignments in. As long as you’re in school you can make an account or your parents can make an account to check up on how you’re doing.

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