Killing The Earth

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In my biology class we watched a movie called A Civil Action.  The movie was about a lawyer working a case where they sue a big company for dumping chemicals into the ground. The chemicals from this got into the town’s water and made the children sick. We’re doing a research project about how things we use are procured, used, disposed, and how they are good and bad. This really made me think about how us damaging the earth can hurt us. I wanted to do more research about how we could help the earth.

There are a lot of things that are harmful to the environment. Things we use everyday such as cars, plastics, toothpaste, etc. The list of things that harm our environment could go on forever. Cars pollute the air by releasing carbon dioxide into the air. This is the same air we breathe in. Also plastic is harmful to the earth. Plastics are non biodegradable and this means they can’t naturally break down. They took a really long time to decompose. There is an upside of plastic because it doesn’t break. We can use plastic in many ways, like recycle. There are a lot of ways we are able to help the earth though. Instead of driving cars that run on gas we can use cars that run on an alternative fuel. Or we could walk or ride a bike places. Also instead of buying and using plastics such as plastic water bottles we can buy reusable water bottles instead of plastic. Lastly you can recycle any materials that are recyclable.

If we don’t take care of the earth now the future generations won’t have a beautiful place to live. If you’ve ever been to a national park or anything like that, it is really nice to have peace. You feel relaxed when you’re there because it’s so quiet well maybe that’s just me. Some people really appreciate nature and are nature activists. I think that we all should be aware of what we are doing to the earth and how to help the earth.

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