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“Carnivorous Plant” Leo Amino 1952

People are looking at me, analyzing me. I can tell they think I’m strange and different, but that is part of my beauty. I am a translucent yellow. You can see right through me. There are different colors, wire and netting inside me. I am made of of materials that my maker found close to him. He did not need anything fancy to create me. I am perfect just the way I am. Imagine that I have been all around the world at different art museums because I am such a valuable piece of art. Or you can imagine that I am just worthless trash.

2 Thoughts.

  1. I really liked that art piece it was one of my favorites there. Your background for your page looks real nice and fancy.What was some of your other favorite pieces of art there? You should come to my page to learn about me and my favorite piece of art from the museum

    • Haha thanks it kind of reminds me of cotton candy. My other favorite piece from the museum was the watchmaker I believe that’s what it was called. That piece was really interesting to me and I really liked seeing art that was made out of things we see everyday.

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